Protect the Privacy of Sensitive Data

CISOSHARE’s data privacy service maps to your information security program so you can maintain the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive data. If your organization handles, collects, analyzes, or shares any personal data, you're aware of the challenges facing the privacy and security of that data. As people are increasingly concerned with privacy of their data and the threat of cyber-attacks, more privacy-focused regulations have appeared. Organizations are expected to better manage and protect personal information in their trust.

Business Review and Privacy Scope

Understand your system inventory and create a data map for where you store personally identifiable information (PII).

Privacy Risk Assessments

Conduct a penetration test and vulnerability assessment to assess your technical architecture and security program to understand the risk in your environment.

Privacy Program Development

Develop a complete privacy program, including governance, policies, and processes for managing third party risk, vendor management, and tools such as a risk register.

Privacy Third-Party Advisory

Create custom privacy notices and get guidance on international data transfer mechanisms based on the needs of your vendors and third parties.

Privacy Incident Management

Review applicable cyber insurance and develop an incident response program in the event of an attack that breaches privacy.

Privacy Training

Develop a data privacy training program for your employees and maintain a training and awareness program to keep your team up to date.

Privacy Risk Management

Review contracts in place for compliance with privacy regulations while auditing privacy and risk response processes already in place.

Privacy Officer as a Service

Members of the CISOSHARE team are available to provide legal counsel and support for any privacy and security questions.


Bring security and privacy together.

Expertise When You Need It

The CISOSHARE team is ready to support you along every step of your organization’s journey with data privacy.

Stay on Top of Privacy Requirements

Be prepared for GDPR, CCPA, and other regional or country-specific privacy regulations.

Respond Quickly

Have the expertise on-hand to respond to privacy concerns and risks quickly.

Prepare Your Team

Think of privacy from the very beginning and keep your employees on best data handling practices.