Incident-Ready Programs with Expert Insight

The CISOSHARE team is ready to help you review and development an incident management program to deal with potential incidents when they happen. With rising cyber attacks, incident management program reviews are an important and necessary part of securing your organization. We help organizations analyze and identify any gaps in their current incident management program, or we work directly with a client to understand their current infrastructure, tools, and incident response team capabilities to build a plan that suits their organization.

Incident Management Program and Plan Review

Review your existing incident program and response plan according to organizational requirements, best practices, and regulatory requirements and create a detailed report of identified gaps along with a roadmap to improvement.

Incident Management Program and Plan Development

If you don't have a plan or program in place, we'll help you develop an incident response plan suitable for your environment and team capabilities.

Incident First Responder Training (CSIRT)

Our computer security incident response team (CSIRT) training program lays out a process for who and how they should be testing your organization's processes and scenario developments.

Training and Awareness

We prepare your employees, not just those involved in your incident response plan, to identify and respond to potential incidents.

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