Incident Management Program

Have an Incident Management Program in Place

The CISOSHARE team can help you create an incident management plan to deal with potential incidents when they happen. With rising cyber attacks, incident management programs are an important and necessary part of every business. Everyone needs to understand their roles and what needs to be done in order to handle the breach appropriately. We help organizations analyze and identify any gaps in their current incident management program, or we can work directly with a client to understand their current infrastructure, tools, and incident response team capabilities to build a plan that suits their business.

Incident Management Program Review

We'll review your existing incident response plan to identify opportunities for improvement and alignment to requirements or best practices.

Incident Management Plan Development

If you don't have a plan in place, we can help you develop an incident response plan suitable to your current environment and team capabilities.

Tabletop Exercises

Run through applicable scenarios with technical and management teams to ensure that your organization knows what to do.

Training and Awareness

We can help prepare all of your employees, not just the ones involved in your incident response plan, to identify and handle potential incidents.