Incident Response and Forensics Services

Incident response and forensics services are critical now more than ever. Incidents are more likely to happen than not, no matter the size or industry of an organization. Have the policies and processes in place to ensure your team is ready to respond to an event. The CISOSHARE team is ready to provide support, whether in proactive incident management planning or helping an organization recover after a breach.

Incident Management Program Review

Work with an expert team to review your existing incident management program and identify areas that need improvement or additional resources.

Incident Response Retainers

Keep an experienced incident response team on hand and ready to respond so that your organization can move forward without delay.

Incident Tabletop Exercises

Fine-tune your team's responses to potential incidents with guided scenarios tailored to your organization's configurations and industry.



Protect your organization with our incident response and forensics services.

Work with a Seasoned Team

Access a team of security experts with over 20 years of experience to help you manage an incident or develop a response plan.

Peace of Mind

Establish processes to quickly identify and escalate an incident to effectively manage and communicate with your organization.

Prepare Your Organization

Have your team ready to respond in the event of an incident with the training and information they need.

A Culture of Security

Security touches every part of your organization — make it part of your organizational culture to prioritize security.