Tactical Incident Response and Retainer

Keep an Experienced Team Ready to Respond

Protect your organization with an incident response team and retainer ready. The average cost of a data breach in the U.S. continues to climb, which means organizations are in need of stronger and faster incident response. As attacks are increasingly targeted and sophisticated, they have a greater chance of disrupting and causing damage to your organizations' operations. Our incident response team is ready to gather information quickly and act efficiently to minimize the impact of an incident on your organization.

Respond Quickly and Efficiently

Respond to and recover efficiently from an incident and better protect your environment.

Incident Response Team

Triage and provide support with our incident response team to minimize the impact of an incident and keep management informed.

Evaluate and Collect Evidence

Gather information and forensic evidence associated to determine and document the depth and extent of the incident.

Incident Forensics Report

Create a report with findings and actions taken by the incident response team to report to stakeholders and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Retainer Services

Our expert incident response team will be kept on a retainer basis so that your organization is ready to respond at a given moment.

Are You Ready to Respond?

Bring on a team to help you secure your environment.