Information Security Risk Assessment Services

Comprehensive Risk Assessment Methodology

Conducting an information security risk assessment is the key to identifying, mitigating, and managing threats and risks in your environment. A complete understanding of your environment will help you identify potential risks and vulnerabilities for more accurate remediation planning.

What Do Our Risk Assessment Services Include?

CISOSHARE offers information security risk assessment services based on your organization’s needs for a complete understanding of your security environment.

Risk-Based Security Assessment

Evaluate and understand the threats and risks in your environment against best practice frameworks like NIST and ISO.

Security Architecture Assessment

Evaluate implemented safeguards to understand how they work individually and function together as a system.

Roadmap Development

Our team uses findings from your environment to build a roadmap and resource planner to identify projects to fill critical gaps and deficiencies.


Understand your security program's current state for informed decision-making.

Expert Advice

Measure your security program with a third-party perspective against recognized frameworks.

Build Your Story

Receive deliverables and formal reports to help you communicate about security to executives.

Concrete Deliverables

Seamlessly integrate findings with roadmap delivery and remediation planning.

Customized Program

We provide support with your security program's scope to customize it according to your requirements.