Penetration Testing Services

Steps for a Successful Penetration Test (Pen Test)

A successful penetration test is more than just generating a long list of items that need to be remediated or addressed in your environment. CISOSHARE conducts a thorough pen test based on an understanding of your environment's unique configuration. All our pen test reports and recommendations are generated with remediation and what impact these changes will have on your business.

Steps to Penetration Testing

Find the Right Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing can effectively identify weakness in your network and security programs, as well as fulfill certain regulatory requirements. Pen tests can be used to validate automated vulnerability systems, as well as test both your network and physical security. Whether your organization wants a pen test for the sake of compliance, best practices, or just want to better understand the state of your environment, CISOSHARE's pen test services have what you need.

External Pen Testing
Our team conducts a comprehensive review of vulnerabilities that could be exploited without credentials, such as port scanning, service probing, exploit research, and IDS/IPS system testing.
Internal Pen Testing
We test weaknesses that can be accessed from within your network security, such as system fingerprinting, firewall and access control, administrator privilege escalation, and configurations.
Web Application Testing
We evaluate the security of your web application for input validation attacks, cross-site scripting attacks, SQL injections, cookie theft, database vulnerabilities, and other common online attack methods.
Wireless Pen Testing
Our team mixes black box and white box testing with a site survey and map of the wireless infrastructure. We'll complete signal leakage testing, device discovery, physical device inspections, and other wireless-related protocol tests.
Social Engineering Testing
Our team will attempt to manipulate your employees into allowing unauthorized access to confidential information, including tactics like authority disguises, employee impersonation, USB drops, phishing, and other common methods.

Understand Weak Points in Your Security Environment

Educate Your Employees
Test employee security through social engineering tests including physical security, phishing emails, and other security tests.
Identify Vulnerabilities
Identify and understand the vulnerabilities within both your internally-facing and externally-facing networks.
Remediate Quickly
Properly configure your endpoints, wireless access points, and other network devices to keep data safe with an expert team.
Be Compliance Ready
Conduct annual or other regularly scheduled pen tests to comply with HIPAA, PCI, and other regulatory requirements.

Is Your Network Secure?

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