Security Architecture Services

Secure Your Data with a Comprehensive Security Architecture

Security architecture is an important part of understanding and better managing your organization’s information security program. As enterprise architecture continues to get more and more complex, it’s important for organizations to take everything into account, from the existing IT structure to the cloud. With experience in managing large and complex environments, our team can bring you the skills you need to tackle your unique environment.

Security Architecture Analysis

Understand the preventative and detective safeguards in your environment, where your data lives, and establish your architecture accordingly.

Data Mapping and Zone Segmentation

Map out where your data lives in your environment and what devices can access it, so you can better protect your data. 

Attack Susceptibility Analysis

Our team helps you highlight and understand how the most susceptible aspects of your network could be open to potential attacks.

Security Architecture Roadmap

Develop a multi-year roadmap with the projected capital and operational costs to bring your architecture to an ideal future state.

Penetration Testing

Conduct a pen test to see what aspects of your environment could be exploited by external or internal users and obtain confidential information.

Vulnerability Testing

Assess your environment's network for existing vulnerabilities in your servers, open ports, or other aspects of your organizational network.