Assessment Methodology & Delivery Process

Analyze Existing Documentation

Establish baseline knowledge of organization’s environment relevant to assessment scope and goals.

Interactive Workshops

Capture current state of security architecture, risk, compliance, and other business areas and domains.

Report & Guidance Development

Provide a list of findings and recommendations on how to address them.

Actionable Roadmap

Deliver and present client stakeholders with suggested next steps.


Cyber Security Assessment Prep: Know Your Compliance & Certification Options!

Build a compliant cyber security program without compromising effectiveness.

CISOSHARE's Security Program Assessment Services

Our security program assessment service utilizes a risk-based assessment against best practice and regulatory frameworks to identify gaps that need to be addressed. Our team works with you to assess every aspect of your environment, from technology to network structure and endpoints to create a comprehensive, multi-year roadmap to bring your security program to an ideal future state.

Risk-Based Security Assessment

Evaluate and understand threats and risks in your environment against security best practice frameworks such as NIST, ISO, and others.

Security Architecture Assessment

Evaluate current safeguards to understand how they work individually and function together as a system to secure your environment.

Plan of Action & Milestone Development

POA&M development results in a document to establish a timeline and identifies the tasks that need to be completed to execute your security program improvement plan.

Roadmap Development

Utilize findings from assessment activities to build a roadmap and resource planner to identify projects to fill critical gaps and deficiencies.

Make the Most of an Assessment

Understand your security program's current state with a single assessment.

Sleep better at night by knowing where security gaps exist

Understand exactly what you need to do to improve your organization’s security posture.

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World & Brown company logo for cybersecurity customer testimonial

"We were trying to understand the best structure for establishing a security program that supported all the highly differentiated businesses within our corporate family. Their roadmap and accompanying work provided a foundation that helped us set priorities for the program in place today."

Jeff Hecht

Chief Compliance & Security Officer

The Word & Brown Companies


Security Program Assessment Benefits

Use your security program's current state to make better decisions about moving forward.

Establish a Baseline

A comprehensive assessment establishes the current state of your security program so you can make informed decisions about moving forward.

Comprehensive Strategy

Receive deliverables and executive reports to make it easier to communicate effectively about security strategy to decision-makers and stakeholders.

Strategic Roadmap

Seamlessly integrate assessment findings into a roadmap for delivery and remediation planning to improve your overall security program.

Measure Multiple Standards

Our tailored assessment approach measures against security best practices and applicable frameworks.

Stay ahead of client requests.

Allow your organization to utilize a compliant security program as a competitive differentiator.