Take the First Step Toward an Efficient Security Program

Use a security program assessment as a tool to create a timeline and roadmap to bringing your security program to an ideal state with mind to regulatory and customer requirements as well as organizational initiatives.

Program Risk, Gap, and Maturity Assessment

Our team assesses your security program as it appears across the organization to identify gaps or risks in existing policies, as well as to assess the maturity of these processes.

Remediation Roadmap Development

A roadmap is developed based on findings identified during the assessment interviews to develop a remediation roadmap to implementing needed policies, processes, or program areas.

Plan of Action & Milestone Development

Plan of Action & Milestone (POA&M) development is a document that establishes a timeline and identifies the tasks that need to be completed in order to execute a plan or project.

Roadmap Strategy Workshop

The CISOSHARE team works with your internal resources to establish a strategy for executing specific tasks on projects on your organization's roadmap.


Assess your current state and make a plan for progress.

Establish a Baseline

A complete assessment establishes the current state of your security program so you can make informed decisions about moving forward.

Measure Multiple Standards

Our assessment measures against security best practices and applicable frameworks to give you a complete picture of your security efforts.

Comprehensive Strategy

We work with your team and key stakeholders to establish a strategy and actionable plan to improve your security program.

Complete Security Support

CISOSHARE provides all the resources your organization needs to support in any assessment and remediation activities.