Security Program Development

Customize Your Security Program with Progress in Mind

Security touches every part of an organization, and your security program needs to be able to adapt to the changing needs of your organization and the information security landscape to protect sensitive data. Our team has over 20 years of experience in practical security program development and implementation for organizations of all sizes and industries. Your security program should complement your company's goals and initiatives.

Security Program Charter

Establish the scope of your security program and define the program areas of your program through an appropriate charter.

Security Policy Framework Development

Choose a framework based on your operating environment and establish policies that align with these frameworks, requirements, and best practices.

Security Program Policy Development

Establish and define policy statements for what actions need to be taken in alignment with your security program's chosen framework.

Security Process Development

We'll create a roadmap for developing and implementing the processes to align with your policy documents to support operational security elements.

Risk Management

Create a strong risk management program to handle a centralized risk register for your organization's applicable risk areas.

Dashboard Creation

Our team helps you develop dashboards of information for your key decision-makers to make informed security decisions.

Security and Awareness Training

Make security part of your company's culture and ensure that all of your employees are aware of your program's policies and processes.

Communication System

Build an effective communication system into and out of your security program to make better-informed security decisions.

Bring Expert Insight into Your Security Program

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