Put the Finishing Touches On Your Security

CISOSHARE's security program development and remediation services are designed to be integrated at any stage of the security program development cycle. We pride ourselves on a proven information security program methodology that can meet every unique organizational need.

Security Program Charter

Establish the scope of your security program in the business along with included program areas with charter documentation.

Security Program Governance

Developing your security program's governance is critical to understanding where the authority to make decisions in your environment lies.

Communication System

Build an effective communication system to share information into and out of your security program so stakeholders can make better-informed security decisions.

Security Program Dashboard

Create a dashboard of critical information from your security program to facilitate informed decision-making and reporting.

Risk Management Program

Our team works with your team to develop a complete risk management program with accompanying policies, processes.

Vulnerability Management Program

Develop a vulnerability management program to help identify, track, and address vulnerabilities that exist in your technical environment.

Incident Management Program

Create an entire incident management program and accompanying policies and processes customized to your organization and industry.

Incident Response Plan

Establish an incident response plan with members of your team or with CISOSHARE's own incident response team so you're ready to respond.

Baseline & Standards Development

Establish a baseline and a set of standards that act as the foundation of your security program and a means of measurement for future assessment activities.


Build a security program that fits into your organization's goals.

Customize Program Areas

We consider how security impacts different aspects of your organization to address areas that are most critical to the function of your organization.

Repeatable Processes

Security program processes are built with efficiency and repeatability in mind, making security tasks easier to keep up with.

Scalable Security

Our team is ready to scale security program process performance as your organization's needs changes.

Maintain Program Visibility

Regular reporting and dashboarding make it easy to see the status and impact of various security activities.