An organization doesn’t have a CISO or can’t find one.

Due to CISOs being in high demand, one of our clients was struggling to fill their open CISO position. They had spent large amounts of time and money moving through several different CISOs, but each candidate moved on several months after being hired. The company came to CISOSHARE for help, and we were able to step in and provide an immediate impact in terms of the most pressing issues plaguing their information security program – all of this for a fraction of the cost of their past CISO hires. In addition to this, we took over the operational work that was being covered by their resources, preventing them from having to hire additional staff to augment their growth.


An organization would like to maintain focus on their core business rather than information security.

A small, up-and-coming company had no formal security program. They were experiencing fantastic growth through focusing in their business and driving revenue through innovation and wanted to continue with this focus, but they were getting intense pressure from clients to comply with their security regulations. Our team was able to step in and set up a security program within 60 days, in addition to running the entire program. We are currently integrated into their team and assist them with driving even more revenue through alignment to best practices, professional deliverables, etc.


An organization needs to quickly implement a security program but lacks the resources to accomplish this.

This client had an experienced security leader, but the organization lacked the resources for him to build an appropriate security program after his arrival. We assisted them with building a comprehensive security program, operationalizing it, and eventually turning it over to their team once their CISO had the resources to hire and fill in the gaps on their information security team.