About Virtual CISO (vCISO)

You don’t have to look any farther than the headlines to see that information security is a growing concern for organizations both large and small. From retailers like Target to credit check giants like Equifax, it seems that no one is safe from the threat of security breaches.

While you can’t 100% guarantee that a data breach will never happen, one way to help insulate your organization against this type of risk is to implement a comprehensive information security plan headed up by a knowledgeable Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Some groups and businesses struggle to create this sort of security safety net, either because they can’t find the right person to head up their information security team or because information security isn’t their core area of expertise.

Virtual CISO and Security Program Development

A vCISO with role-based resources can help get organizations on the right track by identifying and mitigating potential security risks before they become a problem. A vCISO allows organizations immediate access to a security expert who can set up and lead the organization through strategic security initiatives. Combined with a Managed Security Program services, a vCISO gives an organization the ability to completely outsource its information security program to experienced experts.

A vCISO is particularly helpful for a growing organization that suddenly realizes that without an information security program, it's vulnerable to serious threats. Leadership may want to implement security measures in order to protect the organization, or such a program may be required by vendors, clients, or other third parties in order to comply with their specific security regulations. Either way, securing the services of a vCISO helps ensure that key security goals can be met while the leadership and employees remain focused on running the business.

In other cases, organizations may have a struggling security infrastructure, but they may lack the leadership or resources to build it out properly. This may be due to an inability to fill an open CISO position or lack of funding for information security initiatives. Hiring a vCISO is an affordable way to get an information security program up and running properly, and doing so will provide organizational leadership with the tools they need to make educated decisions about budgeting and decision-making for security goals in the future.

Virtual CISO (vCISO) + Security Program Services - a complete solution!

What Are the Benefits of a vCISO?

One of the most important reasons organizations outsource their information security is because it allows them to gain immediate access to information security expertise that provides them with necessary protection much faster than building a team from the ground up. In addition to this, securing a vCISO that includes the development of a comprehensive security program allows them to do all of this without increasing employee headcount. It's a huge cost saving that provides the organization with scalability and maximum flexibility.

A vCISO comes with experience and expertise, but they also arrive with already-established relationships. From vendors to industry leaders, they have a helpful network of contacts to help them problem-solve and quickly work to achieve solutions in any situation.

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