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I've helped over 100+ organizations develop cyber security programs from the ground up. This includes multiple internal security leadership positions, as well as my current role as founder and CEO of CISOSHARE, an information security program development firm based in Southern California. I also am a co-author of CISO Handbook and CISO Soft Skills and previously founded, built and sold Delphiis, a GRC technology platform in 2014.

All of my experiences have given me a perspective that has taught me 3 things:

1. Most people are good and want to do the right thing.

2. Whether in teaching programs, articles, conferences, or certification mechanisms, most information in the cyber security domain is presented in slighted truths. When security is presented like this, it makes it hard for people to learn how to do the right thing.

3. I want to do the right thing, and even though this podcast format makes me feel uncomfortable at times since it forces me to explore my own boundaries and the decisions I've made over the years, I know that this is all the more reason to do it.





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Episode 1: Trends in Cyber Security

Episode 2: Securing Innovation

Episode 3: Top 10 Security Mistakes

Episode 4: Migrating Security

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Cyber security forces the people within an organization to make decisions that evoke emotion. Whether you're new to the discipline or a veteran, it’s that feeling you get inside after making a small change to a security board report. You play by the rules, you want to do the right thing, but the feelings of conflict inside are still there.

Born and based in California, True Colors of Cyber Security creates an honest learning and teaching forum for anyone that wants to make honest decisions in cyber security. Our podcast explores relevant cyber security issues with blunt candor based on real-world scenarios and experience to enable integrity-based decision making.

We share information and insight you can't find in security textbooks, white papers, or the common security presentation. It's the knowledge that can be used by anyone to explore the boundaries of their moral code, and most importantly, establish their definition of the right thing in a complex security landscape and the world.

Tired of the unspoken truth? We are too!

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