Information Security Services for Proactive Protection

Managed Services

Work directly with our team to perform vital security program processes in your organization.

Managed Security Program

CISO Services

Risk Management Program

Third-Party Vendor Management

Vulnerability Management

Incident Management

Our white-glove service approach brings an experienced team to manage your security program.

A Model Designed to Take Away the Burden of a Cyber Security Program Development and Management.

Understand relevant risks and make informed decisions.

Monitor and protect third parties with access to your environment and data.

Go beyond a simple scan of your environment and stay ahead of threats.

Improve threat detection and respond quickly with a team at the ready.

  • Complete Security Team
  • Policy & Technical Requirements
  • Resources Perform Tasks
  • Establish Repeatable Systems
  • Gain Security Program Visibility
  • Scale Team Cost-Effectively
  • Prompt Impact & Protection
  • Close Deals Faster
  • Get Insight into Risk
  • Use Security to Drive Business
  • Dedicated Team to Manage Risk
  • Customized to Unique Needs
  • Save Time and Resources
  • Offload Vendor Assessments
  • Reduce Risk-Related Costs
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • Reduce Risk, Save Time
  • Increased Visibility
  • Finding and Prioritizing
  • Less Guesswork, More Action
  • Real-Time Incident Detection
  • Monitored by Security Experts
  • Manage Log Activity
  • Incident Response Ready

Security Program Development

Security Architecture

Business Continuity Plan

Incident Response and Forensics

Data Privacy Program

Penetration Testing

Compliance and Frameworks

Best Practice Assessment

Security Awareness Training

Efficient solutions for organizations with a partial team in need of specific security processes and policies, or those wanting to assess an existing program.

Understand how your safeguards and technologies work together to protect your data.

Prepare, plan, and recover to lessen the impact of disruptions to your organization.

Our expert team is ready to support your organization in responding to critical incidents.

Prioritize privacy and security to protect sensitive data.

Go beyond routine and understand how vulnerabilities can be exploited with expert insight for addressing them.

  • Assess Only What Is Necessary
  • Fill in Process and Policy Gaps
  • Save Time on Documentation
  • Complete What Is Needed Now
  • Understand Network
  • Classify Data to Protect
  • Configure Technology
  • Meet Compliance Requirements
  • Understand Critical Functions
  • Reduce Impact on Business
  • Strategize Efficient Recovery
  • Maintain Business Operations
  • Prioritize Business Operation
  • Be Ready to Respond
  • Reduce Incident Impact
  • Proactive Security Planning
  • Conduct Data Inventory
  • Assess Data Management Risk
  • Build Client and Partner Trust
  • Meet Compliance Standards
  • Customized Suite of Tests
  • Tested by Leading Professionals
  • Actionable Remediation Plan
  • Understand Risk Severity
  • Assess Program Compliance
  • Meet Industry Requirements
  • Prepare for Stringent Audits
  • Demonstrate Security to Clients
  • Risk-Based Assessment
  • Understand Current State
  • Develop Strategy & Roadmap
  • Communicate Security Posture
  • Positive Security Culture Shift
  • Strengthen Employee Defenses
  • Measure & Address User Risk
  • Stop Cyber Threats Early


Combining Experience and Innovation

CISOSHARE’s team brings 20+ years of experience in security program

New Approaches for New Demands

We go beyond a typical compliance-based approach to security.

Build a Foundation for Progress

Our approach starts with a repeatable foundation of policies and processes so