Successful Assessments Help Drive Security Program Improvement

CISOSHARE's CISO in Residence, Adam Couch, discusses how to set up a successful security program assessment and using it to drive remediation and improvement projects.

From Scoping Considerations, to Team and Artifact Preparation, as well as Remediation, get insight directly from an expert on our team.


Our Available Resources

A Printable Guide to Conducting Successful Assessments

Download this checklist for a quick guide to all the insight provided in our webinar. Print, and post nearby so you are ready to make the most of the assessment process.

Cyber Security Basics: Security Program Assessment

True Colors of Cyber Security

Listen to one of cyber security basics episodes from True Colors of Cyber Security. We go over what a cyber security assessment is and how it can be used to drive security program improvement.

Using Security Assessments for Security Program Progress

What is a security program assessment? How often does an organization need to conduct one? Is it necessary to outsource assessments or can they be conducted in-house? Find answers to common questions and more in our blog post on security program assessments.