What is a security program and quick tips to improve it


This session is designed to give attendees actionable steps they can take to improve progress in their information security program development efforts. It is designed for people that may be stuck with little progress, or are making progress but simply want to see if there are ways they can accelerate forward motion even more.

This first session will begin by explaining what a common security program looks like in an organization, as well as its functional characteristics. Once these elements are defined, the rest of the session will focus on actionable techniques for improving the health of this system in any environment.

Speaker Bio:

Mike Gentile, President, and CEO of CISOSHARE, Author of CISO Handbook

Mike Gentile has been building information security programs for more than 20 years. He has built more than 100+ information security programs across every industry in both private and public environments. His first book, the CISO Handbook, was one of the first published works to provide a step-by-step methodical approach to building a security program. This methodology is used as courseware in many advanced teaching organizations on security leadership and has been implemented in thousands of organizations around the world.