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Our proprietary cyber security baseline assessment evaluates your security program in the following four areas:


How security is defined in your current environment. This will serve as a benchmark or frame of reference for any measurement activities.

How effectively your security program can measure changes in the environment based on your initial benchmark.
How well your program enables informed decision-making for key stakeholders by effectively communicating data gathered from your measurement activities.
How well your security program supports the execution of any security projects resulting from decisions made by company stakeholders.
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Scoring Methodology

Based on some of the same areas assessed by the baseline, our cyber security program score focuses on specific characteristics of an organization's security program: defined processes, proper documentation, an efficient communication system, and the ability to make and execute informed decisions.

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Personalized Insight for Your Documentation

Send your existing documentation to our team for a detailed review. We'll provide actionable next steps to making improvement. If your documentation is on the right track, or you implement the suggested changes, you'll see the change reflected in your score.

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Progress at Your Own Pace

Take advantage of guides to building and improving different components of your security program. Guides are available for your program charter, framework, policies, processes, and measurement.

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