Security Program Development

Defining and Understanding Security Program Development

In recent articles, I have talked about how 2017 will be the Year of the Information Security Program or Cyber Security Program. More specifically, how many organizations will focus on improving their information security program this year and most likely for much more to come.

I have found though that there are many ways in which people often define an information security program. None which are wrong by the way, that can add confusion for someone that is trying to make heads or tails out of understanding all of this stuff. To aid with this issue, defining and understanding Information Security Program, I have created this series to walk someone thru understanding all of the associated elements of an information security program. With an understanding in mind, then we will get into ways in which a person or organization can make positive changes to their information security program. 

Security Program Development Elements:

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Mike Gentile, President, and CEO of CISOSHARE and Author of CISO Handbook and CISO Soft Skills has been building information security programs for more than 20 Years. He has built, in a full-time or consulting role more than 100+ information security programs across every industry in both private and public environments. His first book, the CISO Handbook, was one of the first published works to provide a step-by-step methodical approach to building a security program. This methodology is used as courseware in many advanced teaching organizations on security leadership and has been implemented in thousands of organizations around the world.

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