What is a Security Program

What is a Security Program?

A cyber security program is a documented set of your organization's information security policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards. Your security program should provide a roadmap for effective security management practices and controls. Having a strong security program helps your organization ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your client and customer information, as well as other private data.

Measure Your Security Program Maturity

Understanding the current state of your security program environment is the first step to effective security.

The Foundation of a Healthy Information Security Program

A well-built information security program will have multiple components and sub-programs to ensure that your organization's security efforts align to your business objectives. The four characteristics of a successful security program should make up the foundation of your security program development efforts:

Your framework acts as the foundation for your organization. Often derived from best practices, regulatory requirements, and industry-specific certifications, your framework should be customized to meet your organization's goals and needs.

Your charter is an organizationally-approved document that defines how your security program will work in the context of the overall organization, with things such as scope, mission, mandate, and other things.

These define how your organization will address security issues. Policies are derived from your requirements and establish the standards and guidelines for your program.

Your processes are the procedures that ensure your security program is both repeatable and efficient. This document will help you identify the business rules, roles and responsibilities, and tools your organization will use to perform security activities.

This is one of the most important security program components. Measuring how your program is performing in your environment will help you determine what improvements need to be made.

Secure Your Environment

Start taking the steps to establishing a better security program for your environment.

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