Information Security Services

Services are delivered by dedicated and qualified security leaders, operating against a proven and well-defined methodology.

Our Approach

CISOSHARE addresses the current landscape in security with four foundational items applied to everything we do:

We utilize process automation with the right technologies to ensure that your security program processes are measurably efficient.

Programs are built on a progress-based ideology to enable informed decision-making and the ability to implement decisions in an optimized time frame.

We work with new entrants to cyber security and make the most of local veteran skillsets to address the security resource gap. Our team cultivates a learning and teaching culture to provide resources and opportunities to learn what it takes to be successful in cyber security.

Our programs are built with innovative process design to balance scope, roles and responsibilities, business rules, and tools.

In Security, Experience Matters


"The information security demands on a top five US healthcare provider are complicated, to say the least. Adam and team helped us to develop and implement a multi-year security program roadmap and accompanying program processes to ensure we are well positioned to take on the complexities of the future."

 - Brian Kreitzer, Chief Information Security Officer, UCLA Health

Our Services Protect Organizations’ Data in a Simple and Value-Driven Manner

Make progress with customized security solutions.