Information Security Services

Services are delivered by dedicated and qualified security leaders, operating against a proven and well-defined methodology.

Security Program Services

Enable better decision-making. Review your existing security program for gaps, or build a new program or components of one to meet your organization’s goals and needs.

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Security Architecture Services

Optimize your technology and secure your business. Understand your network structure and where your data lives so your organization can take the steps to protect it.

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Incident Management Services

Protect your organization against attacks by having all the details in place. Make sure your organization is prepared to respond, or have an external incident response team ready.

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Managed Security Services

Focuses on security processes and security role performance for the roles commonly found in security programs to implement and execute security projects quickly.

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Our Proven Methodology

We use the following four characteristics of a healthy security program as the basis of each plan and engagement:



The CISOSHARE methodology has been based on decades of experience implementing security programs for organizations all over the world.

We utilize four functional capabilities of any healthy security program, which include an overall definition of security policies and processes, the ability to measure that definition on a recurring basis to enable informed decisions, a communication system to bring this information to stakeholders to aid in making these decisions, and then the capability to execute and track these decisions once they've been made.

In Security, Experience Matters

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Information Security Programs Implemented

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Client Testimonials

"The information security demands on a top five US healthcare provider are complicated, to say the least. Adam and team helped us to develop and implement a multi-year security program roadmap and accompanying program processes to ensure we are well positioned to take on the complexities of the future."

 - Brian Kreitzer, Chief Information Security Officer, UCLA Health